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127Pulse Light Clinic has over 15 years experience in Rosacea treatments in London

At the Pulse Light Clinic, we are privileged to see both the visible and positive emotional effect that good Rosacea treatment has on our patients. Pulse Light Clinic is one of the most experienced Rosacea clinics in the UK.

Pulse Light Clinic is one of the most experienced Rosacea clinics in the UK. We have many clients who travel a far distance to receive treatments with us and are very happy with their treatments.

Over the past five years the Pulse Light Clinic working closely with Lisa Borg a nutritionist whose specialty is Rosacea, have observed the effect of stress on the condition of Rosacea.


All our clients are advised on nutrition at their consultation, and those that seek more in depth help from our nutritionist Lisa Borg find their results are faster and more long term (with some clients even finding their Rosacea can go into remission)!

Many clients find they have a genetic predisposition to over produce vessels, but through nutritional guidance also discover they have food sensitivities that can trigger them to flush, creating new vessels, which obviously causes more redness. Finding these triggers can make a massive difference to the speed of progress with IPL.

6 Reasons to choose Pulse Light Clinic Today

1) Cutting edge IPL equipment. Some of the best and most advanced equipment available today. Combine this with our knowledge and see the results we get.

2) Tried, tested and safe IPL treatments. Tried, tested and refined techniques equals great results and a safe environment.
Experienced IPL Practitioners. Helpful, friendly experts at your service. The best equipment is great but it’s even better in the hands of our highly experienced practitioners.

3) Established understanding of Rosacea and its treatment. Years of testing, tweaking and refining our treatments means great results on a wide range of skin types. Many patients come to us feeling that there is little hope. Nothing means more to us than making a real difference to you.

4) Competitive Pricing. Top of the range equipment, expert practitioners and our clinic offers extremely good value for money.

5) Free consultation & discount on your first Rosacea treatment. IPL really can change peoples lives. We see it all the time. Taking your first steps towards IPL treatment is a big decision. We don’t want you to wonder what difference it would make to you. Get all the advice you need to make an informed decision. Book your first appointment now and get your free consultation.

6) Effective Rosacea treatments is not just about administering IPL. Understanding your triggers and how Rosacea effects you plays an important role in effective symptom relief. We also know that trying a new treatment is a big step. Let our experienced staff make that step a bit smaller for you.

097Your Free Rosacea Treatment Consultation

We have been successfully treating Rosacea for over fifteen years. We know how disheartened you can get when you hope for the best and get let down. We know how hard it becomes to even hope that this time it will work for you.

At Pulse Light Clinic, we don’t want you to wonder if IPL will work for you. We want you to know it will. It doesn’t cost a penny to find out. We give you a free consultation with one of the UK’s leading IPL Rosacea treatment experts.

For further information on our Rosacea treatment prices, please visit – Rosacea Prices

Don’t Put Up With The Horrible Symptoms Of Rosacea

You may have tried creams, face masks and other so called miracle Rosacea treatments that just didn’t work!

You might have even tried IPL before.

You probably feel that nothing is going to work for you. You are far from alone! Too many people don’t have all the facts, even many GPs!

Do Rosacea symptoms rule your life? Read on and discover how Pulse Light Clinic succeed where most others fail.

Rosacea is a medical condition. Medical expertise is vital to the success of IPL treatment. We constantly meet clients who have wasted time and money on poor quality IPL and other Rosacea treatments. The problem is, there are far too many under qualified practitioners offering IPL and laser treatments for Rosacea.

Our approach is unlike that of any other clinic, that we know of. We don’t just zap you with a laser and hope for the best. Our depth of knowledge in IPL combined with our nutritional advice makes us the leading clinic in successfully treating Rosacea. We advise, treat and assess until we have your treatment fine tuned for the very best results to ensure a dramatic difference to the appearance and discomfort caused by Rosacea. Don’t be put off if you have, unsuccessfully tried IPL before. We get dramatic results every time.

You don’t have to suffer the symptoms or the distress that Rosacea can cause. At the Pulse Light Clinic, we are privileged to see both the visible and positive emotional effect that good Rosacea treatment has on our patients.Although it is termed incurable, our unique individual approach, perfected over 13 years at the Pulse Light Clinic, has minimised symptoms and given the Rosacea sufferer back control of their lives.

Even if you have tried different Rosacea methods, (including IPL), before, it’s worth talking to us We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of Rosacea causes, triggers, skin types and  treatments. On many occasions, we have been able to treat and get results where others have not.