“I have had several different types of treatment at the Pulse Light Clinic: laser hair removal, IPL for Rosacea and skin tightening. Lucy, my therapist, was extremely friendly, reassuring and professional, not to mention knowledgeable about lasers, and she instantly put me at ease. The treatments themselves were surprisingly effective. I wholeheartedly recommend this clinic to anyone considering these treatments.”

– Patricia

Submitted by Erica on Wed 23 Apr 2014 – 19:32:

“I’ve  suffered from terrible Rosacea for years and have always felt very self conscious about it. My friend had been going to Pulse Light Clinic for the past few months and I could see really dramatic results on her so I decided to give it a try.

After only the 1st treatment I already noticed a difference. I’ve had about 4 treatments now and my friends and family are noticing and commenting on how great my skin looks. The redness has reduced a lot and  my cheeks don’t flush anywhere as much as they used to! I’m thrilled with the results, and can’t wait to finish my course of 6 treatments. I very much recommend Pulse Light Clinic, the staff are friendly and the IPL machines they have are of very high quality.


– Erica

“I’d just like to say a big thank you to the Pulse Light Clinic team.  Over the past year, I have had several  IPL treatments to remove thread veins in my legs.  They had appeared over the past couple of years, and were quite visible due to my fair skin.  I was very self-conscious about them, and didn’t realize there was much I could do about them until I heard about IPL.   Sheila, Lucy and Aurora are all very knowledgeable and provided a great service, from the initial consultation and patch test, to the treatments and homecare advice.   My veins have almost disappeared, and I am very delighted.  I also received a couple of treatments for skin pigmentation on my forehead, with which I was very pleased as well.  Mary’s considerable knowledge of supplements and nutrition helped me get even better results.  The team are very helpful, professional and enthusiastic about what they do.  When receiving the sort of treatments they provide, you need to feel you are in safe hands, and I definitely felt that at the Pulse Light Clinic.  I have already recommended several people to them. 


– Catherine

“Pulse Light Clinic is a wonderful clinic to have treatment,  a very relaxed atmosphere and everyone so friendly. I would highly recommend this Clinic & especially Mary for IPL, to anyone please do not hesitate booking your appointment.
I first met Mary a couple of years ago when I first had Pulse Light treatment for Rosacea. I straightaway felt as though Mary was a good friend of mine with her excellent relaxing manner and the interest she takes in you  and making you feel totally at ease. Sheila never fails to make me laugh, great sense of humour.
She is very experienced & knowledgeable a true Professional with anything relating to Rosacea and of course  IPL. The Clinic has just took delivery of the most up to date  IPL  Machine and I can honestly say that with Mary’s expertise with  IPL, that I am just able to relax while having the treatment, not uncomfortable at all, AMAZING.

I have to emphasise this because I have in the past had Appts at IPL clinics near to where I live, only because I did not have to travel. 
My experience at these 2 other clinics being awful. At one clinic the IPL hurt a great deal & after I had a very swollen face and looked like a Chipmunk!  this swelling lasted for nearly a week so obviously very wrong.
The 2nd clinic IPL  was so painful and left me with a very bright red face for 3-days I did think it was burnt!

So this is the reason I welcome & look forward to my  2.1/2 hour return journey for my Appointments with my friend
“IPL  SHEILA “.  After 6- IPL sessions with her I am so very pleased that my Rosacea has gone and all I need now is a Top up in 3-6 months.  Thank you so much Mary, from a very Happy lady.
I have to also mention the Lovely Lucy who also does treatments but is also on Reception so helpful & friendly every time x”

– Terri

Submitted by Newman on Fri 08 Feb 2013 – 14:06

“Friendly staff and helpful advice, started Treatment  last summer at the clinic on a course of 6 to get my Rosacea under control seen a good improvement already.


– N Newman

Submitted by Frankie on Tue 15 Jan 2013 – 19:02

“After calling around various IPL clinics (most of which were more cosmetic focused and not fully in tune with the needs of Rosacea patients), I came across the Pulse Light Clinic in London.  Before making my decision I created a long list of questions to ask the clinic’s owner, Mary.  I wanted to know her background, the clinic’s history, how the treatment works and what I results I should be expecting.”
I have created a Blog:
And before and after Pictures

Submitted by Christina on Sat 15 Sep 2012 – 15:11

“I have always suffered from Rosacea (facial redness), especially in the areas around the nose and cheeks. After just a couple of sessions of IPL  Treatments at the Pulse Light Clinic, I saw a huge reduction in redness and improvement in my general skin appearance. I am greatly looking forward to seeing the results after a full course of treatment! I would highly recommend treatment at Pulse Light Clinic, the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly and the facilities lovely and central.”

– Christina

Submitted by Mary on Tue 04 Sep 2012 – 18:31

“Having had many IPL treatments for Rosacea in the last couple of years, I found the service and treatment provided by the Pulse Light Clinic to be exemplary. I would recommend this clinic and their treatment regime to anyone.


– Mary A

Submitted by Adrian on Thu 10 May 2012 – 22:11

“I had a moderate amount of broken veins and Rosacea which was getting worse as I got older, so sought help from the Pulse Light Clinic. Mary recommended a course of IPL laser treatment on the affected areas, particularly around my nose and cheeks, and after 8 sessions, the redness and broken veins were almost all gone. Now I have an even complexion. The treatment was quick and although quite uncomfortable to begin with, eased off in intensity with each session. The staff at the clinic were knowledgeable and friendly and committed to help their clients with skin problems. My therapist also recommended use of an organic Papaya Ointment available on line (that was nothing to do with her clinic or treatments) which successfully treated a patch of mild contact dermatitis too!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rosacea treatment, or the Pulse Light Clinic.

– A.C