How much is tattoo removal?

Tattoo Removal

How much is tattoo removal? You may have been looking at your unwanted tattoo for a while now and wondering what to do. If you have started your research for getting it removed you will have…

Tattoo removal before and after

Blog, Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal before and after. Having decided to get your tattoo removed with laser treatment the most commonly asked question is what is it like? What happens? Well in this blog I am going to describe…

Tattoo Removal Machine

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Machine You may be wondering what a Tattoo removal machine actually is. Well first of all there isn’t just one type of tattoo removal machine. When someone says this they could be referring to a…

hairy back

Men with hairy backs

Blog, Laser Hair Removal

Men – what to do if you have a hairy back! With male grooming now a thing more and more men are wondering what is the right level of looking after yourself and not just being…

shaving rash

How to tackle a Shaving Rash

Laser Hair Removal

How to tackle a Shaving Rash In these current times women are shaving more than ever. Legs, underarms, bikini and sometimes other places and it is not every so often but a really regular practice as…

hairy bums

Have you got a hairy bum ?

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How to handle hairy bums! You may have thought that this was just a man problem but you are mistaken! Unfortunately both men and women can suffer from this problem and clearly it can be an…

hairy armpits

How to get rid of hairy armpits

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How to get rid of hairy armpits I think every woman has that area of her body where unwanted hair really becomes a problem! It seems to be different for everyone but for some and me…