Before and after on mens back laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal For Men

Blog, Laser Hair Removal

Is laser hair removal for men getting more popular?   Yes, laser hair removal is becoming increasingly popular for men. Why? We believe it is becoming more and more socially acceptable for men to care about…

Results after shaving, waxing and laser

Best Hair Removal Methods

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Many of us are targeted by advertising for the latest razor, IPL home device, or waxing sessions on offer, it can be confusing to choose the best hair removal method for you. So, why laser? Firstly…

Celebrate every curve

Hair Removal with Laser for Dark Skin

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The safest most effective laser hair removal for dark skin With laser hair removal becoming increasingly popular, it’s very important to choose the right laser and a reliable clinic. Especially when it comes to laser hair…

laser hair removal treatments

PCOS Laser Hair Removal Case Study

Laser Hair Removal

Lucy Dawe, senior hair removal consultant for over 7 years has mentioned the following regarding laser hair removal for PCOS clients: All skin types suffer from PCOS syndrome, especially darker skin types. This can have a…

fat removal before and after

My CoolSculpting Journey

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Morena, a client at Pulse Light Clinic shares her CoolSculpting Journey “I began my CoolSculpting journey at Pulse Light Clinic, the treatment has seen great results so far. I did the treatment 6 weeks ago around…

Client at Pulse Light Clinic's before and after getting tattoo removal

April Karr’s Tattoo Removal Review

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April Karr is a client at Pulse Light Clinic and shares her tattoo removal review and journey. Why are you getting Laser Tattoo Removal? “I got my tattoos about six or seven years ago in my…

Payzee Mohmood's tattoo before getting it removed at Pulse Light Clinic London

Payzee Mahmood’s Tattoo Removal Journey

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’Removing my tattoos has been a part of accepting myself’ since ‘honour killing’ of Banaz Mahmod.  New true-crime drama ‘Honour’ victim Banaz Mahmod’s sister tells her story after her sisters death. The sister of a woman…

Tattoo before and after with a new cover up tattoo

Getting my tattoo removed

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‘Getting my tattoo removed, turned my life from negative to positive.’ Ali Kilinicbay, who is one our clients at Pulse Light Clinic London explains how getting his tattoo removed gave him a new outlook on life…

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