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Everything About Laser Hair Removal

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How many sessions will I need?  Usually, between 8-12 sessions will get you up to 90% reduction of hair growth, this is mostly dependant on the area. For instance, legs usually require 8 sessions whereas the…

Before and after laser hair removal on a dark skin lady's bikini

How To Combat Ingrown Hairs

Laser Hair Removal

Many of us struggle with ingrown hair from the current hair removal methods. Waxing, shaving, epilating etc can all cause ingrown hairs as well as leaving the skin bumpy and irritated. They are caused by the…

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Best Time To Start Laser Hair Removal 2019

Laser Hair Removal

The demand for laser hair removal sees a rise as the summer comes to an end and people notice the time and money spent on other hair removal methods. After using an endless amount of razors…

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