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The Biological Clock

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The Biological Clock An innate mechanism that regulates many functions in the human body is your biological clock. The most commonly known is the Circadian Rhythm of 24 hours which regulates the sleep-wake cycle and is…

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Nutritional Tips During Lockdown

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As we approach our sixth week of Lock-Down, I am sure many of you have become disinterested or fed up with preparing three meals everyday and may be running out of ideas, bored with the same…

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Facial Hair Removal During Lock-Down

Laser Hair Removal

Salon closures over this crisis could lead to poor choices as far as facial hair removal is concerned. Some methods may seem efficient but could leave you with a bigger problem, in more ways than hair…

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Lockdown Skin Regimes


We are usually so busy with our working demands and family lives, we sometimes neglect ourselves. There is also a tendency toward caution when trying out new hair styles, dress codes, and skincare regimes just in…

Tattoo Removed on Tribal man's arm

I hated my Tattoo’s


‘I hated my tattoos so much that I made excuses not to go to the beach in summer with friends because the idea of being topless and people staring (they always stared, which I can’t blame…

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Protecting Your Mental Health


What to do and how to cope with the emotions it will bring up in many From our Nutritional Therapist, Lisa Borg To maintain good mental health during this current time of isolation, ensure some structure…

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