Lady applying cream to dark circles under eyes

How To Treat Dark Eye Circles?

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Our in-house Doctor, Dianni answers the most common questions regarding common dark circles around the eye area. What happens in the skin to cause dark circles? A range of factors can cause skin to darken around…

Technician providing CoolSculpting chin treatment

2021 Treatment Trend Predictions

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There’s no denying that the past year has seen an increase in demand for cosmetic treatments. With the rise in time spent at home during lockdown and frequent video meetings. Whether you’re for or against non-invasive…

Dermalux Phototherapy vs Athome LED Mask

Dermalux LED vs At-home LED treatment

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At-home LED Treatment Masks How do at-home LED masks work? Majority of at-home LED treatment masks work by emitting wavelengths of blue to red light. The blue light wavelength sits around 400 nanometers on the electromagnetic…

Before and After ingrown hair removal with laser hair removal on bikini

Case Study: Ingrown Hair Removal

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Mariam Musa came to us after being diagnosed with PCOS. One of her main symptoms was excess hair growth on her face, chest, and bikini. She would often find herself covering up her ingrown hairs and…

Male Hydrafacial treatment

Make A Head Start On Your Skin Condition!

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The skin may seem like an all-in-one container for your whole body, but it is actually a very complex living organ with many essential functions. The condition of your skin depends on a number of factors…

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