Spaghetti with Tomato sauce and basil

Comfort Food Friday: Traditional Dishes

Blog, Nutrition

Lisa Borg covers one of the nations addictions, sugar, the effects and her nutritional tips. For anyone with even a slight blood glucose imbalance, carbohydrate craving can be very hard to resist. The one macro food…

Pulse Light Clinic client testimonial

Case Study: Transgender Laser Hair Removal

Blog, Laser Hair Removal

At Pulse Light Clinic we have seen a rise in transgender laser hair removal. Everyone deserves to make decisions about their body and feel comfortable in their own skin. That often means removing body hair. Beauty…

A breakfast dish with eggs, tomatoes, rocket and bread

Comfort Food Friday: Breakfast

Blog, Nutrition

A study on one poll found nearly a third of Britons say their eating habits have got worse in the last year as they turn to comfort food to get through the pandemic. We spoke to…

EmSculpt before and after

Can You Get A Six Pack With EMSculpt?

Blog, CoolSculpting Fat Freezing

A lean and aesthetically pleasing midsection is something that many strive for and, perhaps more than any other body part, it speaks volumes about your dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Your timeline to a six-pack depends…

Tolani Shoneye Having Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal with Tolly T

Blog, Laser Hair Removal

We spoke to Tolani about her experience with laser hair removal at Pulse Light Clinic. Tolani, commonly known as Tolly T from The Receipts Podcast, a leading UK podcast that began 2 years ago and has…

A client 3 days after Co2 treatment and 3 months after co2 treatment for acne scar removal

Case Study: CO2 for Acne Scars

Blog, Skin Treatments

At Pulse Light Clinic our practitioners and doctors regularly take our client’s skin concerns into consideration so we can invest in new laser technology for the best results. With years of research and development going into…

Headshot of lady with mild rosacea with plain white background

5 Rosacea Winter Tips

Blog, Rosacea Nutritional Advice

Rosacea is a very sensitive skin condition which has many triggers. Winter time is when Rosacea sufferers really have to maintain their skin and work at preventing triggers. Senior Rosacea Specialist, Michelle Lambert covers everything you…

Three Different Skin Type Arms With SPF Cream applied

4 Tips For Laser Hair Removal & Tanning

Blog, Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of our top treatments and the most important factor during your treatments is avoiding sun exposure and tanning. During the course of your laser hair removal treatments it can make you…

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