tattoo removal before and after on the neck

The Most Effective Laser Tattoo Removal

Blog, Tattoo Removal

The ink used for tattoos is commonly made from mixtures of heavy metals like lead, copper, and manganese. A needle pushes the ink deep into the skin. During laser tattoo removal, the body responds to the…

Marianna beauty technician, Over 5 Years of Experience

How To Become A Beauty Technician

Blog, Laser Hair Removal

The rise in demand for beauty treatments generates more jobs within the beauty industry. If you are looking to become a beauty technician, your school or college will train you to perform treatments on clients’ faces…

Morpheus8 blog post image

What You Should Know About Morpheus8

Blog, Skin Treatments

Sun damage, ageing, and pigmentation are common skin conditions that can have visible effects. The Morpheus8 treatment is the latest treatment that has been seen excellent results over the media with the likes of Amanda Holden…

Before and after CoolSculpting results for Lower abdomen

Case Study: Fat Reduction For Abdomen

Blog, CoolSculpting Fat Freezing

Our client is a personal trainer that follows a healthy lifestyle and diet looking for fat reduction on her abdomen. Fat cells in this area can be harder to shift due to many factors, and while…

pink razors on pink background

It’s Plastic Free July!

Blog, Laser Hair Removal

What steps are you taking for Plastic Free July? As single-use plastic consumption has seen an all-time high, many brands and consumers are making changes against plastics in daily life over the past few years. Do…

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