dermal filler lip before and after

Can You Shape Your Lips With Filler?

Blog, Skin Treatments

Dermal lip fillers are known to help create natural enhancements to the lips. Lips come in different shapes and sizes which means some lips can be easier to treat compared to others. There are a few…


How the LaseMD treatment works

Blog, Skin Treatments

The LaseMD treatment is drastically different compared to other resurfacing laser treatments. During a treatment, the non-ablative laser energy will gently heat up the tissue within the dermis (deepest layers of your skin). It is ideal…

Endolift blog image

What is Endolift?

Blog, Skin Treatments

Endolift technology is not a surgical treatment, it involves a microfiber tip that is then directly inserted under the sagging area of the skin that needs to be targeted. The laser energy is then transmitted and…

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