laser hair removal for legs treatments

How To Remove Leg Hairs Permanently

Blog, Laser Hair Removal

With summer approaching, you may find ways to remove unwanted leg hairs so you can wear the outfit of your choice due to personal preferences. Although there are no permanent methods to remove body hair, you…

Before and after rosacea treatment results

Case Study: IPL Rosacea Treatments

Blog, Case Studies, Skin Treatments

For Rosacea Awareness Month, we spoke to our clients about their journeys with tackling Rosacea, treatments they had tried before, and how they have found their results have improved after specific laser treatments. Louise found she…

woman-getting hair loss treatment

Hair transplant for women

Blog, Hair Transplant

Hair transplant for women and how to qualify The type of alopecia is the main dictating factor on whether women qualify for hair restoration. Most women who are eligible for hair transplants have androgenetic alopecia. Androgenetic…

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