Real People true results 2023

Real People, True Results 2023


We all have something that makes us feel insecure, whether it’s that tenacious fat that we can’t shift, unexpected hairs or scars in visible places that we cannot conceal. So in 2022, we had a straightforward…

morpheus8 and hifu combination blog post

Can you combine HIFU and Morpheus8?

Blog, Skin Treatments

HIFU and Morpheus8 are two unique and revolutionary ways of tightening the skin without invasive surgical procedures. They both work well to counteract the signs of ageing. While both treatments have similar objectives, the techniques used…

What are the best Lasers for Tattoo removal?

What are the best Lasers for Tattoo removal?

Blog, Tattoo Removal

Are you considering removing your tattoo? According to best of health, 38% of people in the UK have a tattoo they regret having. So whatever your reason for considering having your tattoo removed, we are here…

Laser Hair Removal PCOS diversity

Does Laser Hair Removal Work for PCOS?

Blog, Laser Hair Removal

PCOS Hair Growth: Hirsutism While we may not know the origins of PCOS, women who experience this ordeal know how it makes them feel. Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, can be one of the most mentally…

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