Established in 2001, Pulse Light Clinic (PLC) is a medical-led practice with clinics located in Central London.

About Pulse Light Clinic

Entrance of Pulse Light Clinic Central London

We have specialised in Rosacea treatment for many years by introducing a unique method with IPL sessions combined with nutritional therapy. Becoming a leader in the aesthetic laser industry, we continued expanding and developing an extensive portfolio of advanced medical aesthetic treatments in conjunction with premium beauty services.

Pulse Light Clinic combines clinical excellence and a wide range of state-of-the-art laser technology. We pride ourselves on pioneering innovative treatments for conditions such as Pigmentation, Birth Marks, Laser Hair Removal for Hirsutism (PCOS), Ingrown and Stimulated hair by developing new parameters supported by gold standard medical lasers.

Providing Quality Aesthetic Treatment

We provide continuous support and in-house training to our practitioners with our trainers and case studies to refine their techniques and provide quality aesthetic treatments. Pulse Light Clinic is the only clinic in the UK that uses three lasers for Tattoo Removal, the Picosure – Picoway – Qswitch, which allows us to remove almost all colours with remarkable success.

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Meet Our Experts

Clinics located in Central London

We are committed to delivering excellent customer service. Our aspiration towards perfection and forward-thinking in the aesthetic industry has enabled us to develop our reputation as London’s leading Laser brand, with a steady growth of our services and locations in London.

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