Laser Acne Scar Removal Treatments in London

  • Laser scar treatment removal is a great option for acne scars on any area of the body
  • Suitable for skin caucasian, Mediterranean & Asian skin types.
  • Improve the condition of your skin and overall texture
  • No downtime, minimal discomfort and better clearance
  • We offer free same-day consultations
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This treatment is fast, easy and provides remarkable results.

Improve the condition of your skin and overall texture

Get rid of unwanted acne scars and pigmentations

No downtime, minimal discomfort and better clearance

  • After 2 treatments, Dr Bernado

  • After 4 treatments, E Tanghetti MD

  • After 4 treatments, R Geronemus MD

  • After 2 treatments, R Saluja

Laser Acne Scar Removal

If you have acne scars on your face or body, no matter how you got them, it can have a seriously detrimental effect on your self-confidence; everyone wants to be able to look in the mirror and feel happy and comfortable with what they see reflected there.

Fortunately, laser treatment for acne scars has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and can be used on any skin type, removing the need for surgery and meaning you can throw away that thick makeup forever.

It works in a really simple way – pulses of laser light break down the scar tissue and stimulate new, healthy tissue to form in its place. Quick and easy, it’s a straightforward procedure and you shouldn’t need any recovery time afterwards.

Laser acne scar removal treatment can be used on surgical or acne scars anywhere on the body, including the face. It also works on any skin type, including both very light and very dark skin. We’ll tell you at your initial consultation whether you’re a good candidate or not.

Acne is the result of skin pores engorged with excess oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. Unfortunately, when the pore swells enough to break the follicle wall it can lead to lesions. This can be temporary lesions which heal fast or if the infected material spills out onto the surrounding skin it can lead to deeper lesions. Your skin will naturally try and heal these wounds with new collagen fibers but unfortunately, these are not usually as smooth as your original skin and can show up as a different colour or texture, and that is how you end up with acne scars.

How does Laser Acne Scar Removal Work?

Laser acne scar removal works by focusing fractional pulses of laser light onto the area of scaring, which breaks down the scar tissue and helps to generate new tissue in its place. This new tissue is the same colour as your natural skin and will now be coming through with a much evener texture. As you continue with treatments you will see your scarring begin to fade away.

Laser Acne scar removal is suitable for:

  • Acne scars on the face
  • Acne scars on the body
  • Acne scars on any skin tone
  • Acne scars of any age or size
laser acne scar removal

After 3 treatments

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