10 Steps for Achieving Naturally Beautiful Feet



Naturally pretty, soft feet is certainly a nice thing to achieve but not something that many of us necessarily make the effort to do due to thinking we would need to go to a salon and get regular pedicures. The good news is that there are actually many home tricks and tips that you can put into use to achieve those picture perfect feet.

The first step is the daily routine

Simply you need to wash them once a day or if you have time then twice a day – once when you wake and once before you go to sleep. Add Aloe Vera gel to this routine by rubbing your feet with it after washing and you will end up with super smooth clean feet. Simple but it is the first step to achieving beautiful feet.

Next step is ex-foliation

It is very important to get rid of any dry skin cells on your feet to help make them silky smooth. You can make your own simple foot scrub at home using sea salt and coconut oil in about 2:1 proportions all whisked together. You can swap the sea salt for granulated sugar and also add a few drops of essential oil if you want to give your scrub a nice fragrance. Use this scrub a couple of times a week, followed by a nice moisturiser and you will be all set.

For very dry feet

If you find that regular washing, Aloe Vera gel and the foot scrub is still leaving your feet dry then use coconut oil as a daily moisturiser on your feet and dry skin will be a thing of the past. Just apply liberally after your daily bath or shower. You also get a bonus with coconut oil as it also has anti-bacterial properties which help keep your beautiful feet away from infection or fungus.

For stubbornly cracked heels

If those cracked heels are proving stubborn and the above treatments have not handled it then I have another more extreme home remedy for you. You need to melt a paraffin candle and add a few spoons of coconut oil to the mix. Allow it to cool enough for a thin layer to build up and then dip your heels in it, take out for about 10 seconds and then repeat this a few times until you have a layer of wax built up on your heels. Cover your feet with some plastic and leave for 30 minutes. Then peel the plastic and attached wax away! Repeat this once a week until those painful heels are gone

For dark patches on your skin

It can be a problem that you get some blackness, dark patches from the sun or generally duller/darker looking feet than you want. So firstly liberal use of suntan lotion is a great preventative measure. If it is too late for that then lemon juice is excellent, squeeze lemon juice into a little paste with honey and rub over your feet and leave for about 20 minutes. Apply this weekly or more often if you feel it is needed and see those dark patches fade away.

Give your feet some relaxing time

Now you have beautiful feet they still need looking after. The most relaxing thing for your feet is to have some time walking bare feet in the grass. If you could walk in a park or somewhere nearby every so often you will be giving yourself some nice fresh air and time with nature as well as relaxing your feet.

Keep your feet hydrated

Drinking plenty of water always helps to keep your whole body hydrated but if you want to give your feet an extra boost then mash a banana into a paste and apply to your feet, leave for about 20 minutes and then wash off with cold water. Doing this every so often will give your feet that much needed extra hydration.

No smelly feet

There is no point having beautiful feet if they are going to smell bad! If you are prone to getting smelly feet then try soaking your feet for half an hour in vinegar and water at about a 1:2 ratio. Do this daily during the times you are prone to getting smelly feet. On top of this sprinkle some corn starch into your shoes and they will help get rid of the moisture creating the smelly environment for that bacteria to grow.

Don’t forget your toe nails

Now that your feet are beautiful don’t forget about your toe nails – men too! Cut them into a nice shape, put some cuticle oil or coconut oil around the nails and if you are a woman you can add some pretty coloured polish to accessorise.

Maintenance Measures

Now that you have achieved the beautiful feet you were aiming for make sure you do everything you can to keep them that way. Don’t wear high heels for too long especially on very hot humid days, your feet may swell up and you can get sore, blistered feet. Opt for flats when you can and if you don’t have another option then just give your feet a cool bath in the evening to help the swelling go down and to give then a well-deserved rest.
All of this can be achieved at home by yourself with natural products so try it out and enjoy your happy, healthy, beautiful feet!