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4 Tips For Laser Hair Removal & Tanning

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Laser hair removal is one of our top treatments and the most important factor during your treatments is avoiding sun exposure and tanning.

During the course of your laser hair removal treatments it can make you more sensitive to the sun. This can increase the risk of burning, as well as making it more difficult to get the results you want. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid direct sun exposure (or tanning) during your laser hair removal treatments. Here is everything you need to know about tanning during treatments.

Why can’t you go in the sun after laser hair removal?

Once you complete a laser hair removal treatment, we recommend staying out of the sun because of your skin’s increased vulnerability to UV rays. This UV light causes the treated area of the skin to become highly sensitive and any exposure can increase the risk of skin damage.

How long after laser hair removal can you go in the sun?

After your laser hair removal treatment, you should also avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks before heading off on holiday or into the sun. This gives your treated skin a chance to heal while also reducing your risk of having hyperpigmentation or other problems occur. Remember that even if your skin does not look tanned, it is still being exposed to UV rays. Be sure to apply SPF daily during your laser treatment.

Can I sunbathe before or after laser hair removal?

Avoid sun exposure and tanning six weeks before and two weeks after a laser hair removal treatment — minimum. If we notice a tan when you come in for your treatment we will assess the amount of sun exposure and may advise waiting a few weeks and require to book you in for another patch test to ensure there is no damage to the skin. If you have fake tan on the area we will advise to exfoliate for two weeks until the tan has faded.

Can you not use a different setting on tanned skin?

At Pulse Light Clinic we use the world’s leading technology, Gentle Max Pro by Syneron Candela. We are unable to treat tanned skin as we do not want to compromise the results of our clients by opting for an older technology. You may find older laser technology designed to do this, usually providing lower settings that allow laser specialists to treat tanned skin.