8 Unexpected Beauty Uses for Lemons



8 Unexpected Beauty Uses for LemonsWe all know lemons as tasty additions to food and drink but there are many other ways to use lemons. Here are some unexpected ways you can use lemons in your beauty routine that you may not have known about.

Use lemon for oily skin care

If you find that your skin is oily and want to change that just try squeezing some lemon juice onto a cotton ball at night and rub it over your skin. By the morning the astringent characteristics of the lemon will leave your skin noticeably improved and less oily.

Use lemon for nail care

If you are struggling to grow the beautiful nails that you want then try lemon. You need to mix lemon juice with olive oil and then you can either dip your fingers into the mixture and leave to soak for about ten minutes or you can rub the mixture directly into your nails. You should repeat this twice a week and you will find the vitamin C strengthening your nails and any marks and stains starting to disappear.

Use lemon as a dandruff treatment

If your scalp is itchy and dandruff is driving you crazy maybe this use of lemons can help soothe and eliminate the problem. There are many different ways of trying this use of lemon but essentially you want to get the lemon juice directly onto your scalp. So you can mix it with something else like coconut oil or you can rub the juice directly into your scalp. Then rinse it off.

Use lemon to bleach dark skin patches

If your knees, elbows or underarms have dark unattractive patches that you want to remove then lemon juice is the simplest handling without resorting to chemicals. Just slice a lemon in half and rub it over the offending patches and the darkness will start to disappear.

Use lemon to remove blackheads

Blackheads are a pesky nuisance to most people and lemons are a cheap and easy way to get rid of them. Just mix some lemon juice with water and apply to the relevant parts of your skin with some cotton wool. Allow it to dry and then gently scrub it off. Repeat very regularly.

Use lemon to fight acne

There is almost no worse beauty situation than acne and most people will try anything to get rid of it. Lemon used regularly can be a big help in this battle. Wash your face thoroughly and then rub in lemon juice and leave for about 20 minutes.

It will feel quite uncomfortable and stingy during this time as the lemon is really attacking some unwanted elements in your skin but remember it is helping. Wash off the lemon with warm water and be sure to moisturise immediately after or your skin will feel very dry and tight.

Use lemon to whiten your teeth

If you would like whiter, brighter teeth then you can save yourself a trip to the dentist by trying this out. Mix some lemon juice with some baking soda and apply to each tooth with a Q-tip then scrub your teeth with your toothbrush and rinse.

Use lemon to exfoliate your lips

If you want to exfoliate your lips and get them fresh again then try applying a little lemon juice to your lips before bed. When you wake up just wash it off and remove the dead, dry skin. Don’t try this one if your lips are already chapped or cut though.

As a caution these should be tried at night as if you are exposed to the sun while doing these treatments it can have a very different effect. If you are unsure or worried just apply some sunscreen before going out.

Do you have any other beauty uses of lemons I don’t know about? Let me know.