9 Amazing Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil




I don’t know about you but I keep hearing about the amazing properties of coconut oil, first it was in the kitchen and now it is in the bedroom or bathroom as part of your beauty routine.

I thought I would try it out and I am converted! It is cheaper than your conventional beauty products and healthier as it doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals. Here are 9 of the best uses that I found:


Whether it is for your face, body or hands this is a fantastic moisturiser. It helps soften and protect as well as keeping dry skin at bay.

Simply scoop a little bit out of your pot and let it melt slightly in your hands and rub it in. It may seem slightly greasy at first but your skin will absorb it.

Make Up Remover

This is an amazing alternative to the sometimes harsh chemicals and creams used to remove make-up. It even works well on waterproof make-up.

Take a little out of your pot and let it warm and melt in your hands. Rub it into your skin and then take it off with a towel.

Shaving Cream

An excellent alternative to shaving just with water or a traditional cream as it is clear so you can see what you are doing through it. Also as it is oily, water will just flow over it rather than wash it off. As a bonus you will also be moisturising while you shave.

Keep a handy pot in the shower where it will stay in liquid form due to the heat. Rub it over your legs or any other area and shave as normal.

Lip Balm

This is a handy as it is all natural and there is no chance that you are ingesting toxins by using it. It also helps to heal cracked and very dry lips.

Rub your finger over the top of the oil in the pot, the body heat from your finger will melt just a tiny bit. Rub that little bit over your lips.

Sun-burn Cream

Just as its use as a moisturiser this product will help your skin retain its moisture and help you to heal from sun exposure.

Take a little out of your pot and wait until it melts slightly in your hands and rub it gently into the affected areas.

Exfoliating Scrub

When this product is cold it is hard and has a slightly grainy texture making it perfect as an exfoliator. I have also heard that you can add sugar to this too to make a home-made body scrub – though I haven’t tried that myself yet. Keep this somewhere cool so it doesn’t melt. Scoop out and rub over any areas of hard skin in the shower. As it heats up it will melt and you can use it as a moisturiser after exfoliating.


This works best when you leave it in for 10-20 minutes, this allows the hair to really soak up the moisturising properties and you are left with gorgeous glowing hair.

Use a pot from the shower where the oil will be melted. Rub well into your hair and relax while it does the work for you. Get back in the shower and make sure that you rinse very thoroughly as otherwise your hair can be left a little oily.

After-bite Cream

Apparently some of its natural properties even help you to heal after being bitten.

Just rub your finger over the top of the pot of oil and a little will melt from your body heat. Take that little bit and rub into your bites.

Cuticle Oil

The perfect beginning to a home manicure. It will soften your cuticles and you will be ready to go.

Rub your finger over the oil in your pot until a little has melted. Rub this into your cuticles. Repeat as needed.

I found all of these uses to be fantastic and it is a lovely way of being natural and healthy without having to go to any great fuss! Do you have any other great beauty uses that we haven’t included in the list? We would love to hear about them.