Anti Ageing Treatments

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Ageing is one of those processes that we all know that we have to go through but one that we don’t generally accept. It is more one of those fight at every corner type of situations. There are probably millions of anti-ageing treatments out there but what do they all do? Do they even work? What is the best anti ageing solution? What do I personally need? These are usually the questions at the top of our mind when faced with our own ageing face or body.

Well like any complex question there is more than one answer. The first definite thing we can say goodbye to are the aggressive over-done anti ageing treatments of the past such as Botox. We have moved on and put such treatments behind us. All breathe a sigh of relief!

Current Anti ageing handlings fit into two broad categories. Products such as creams and treatments such as lasers.

Products – This is a very hard category to give you a best from as honestly there are just so many products and brands out there. But what seems to be getting the best results is the Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II from Estee Lauder. It does actually work to significantly reduce signs of growing older as well improve the general appearance of your skin. So a great anti ageing cream! Check it out here

Treatments – By far the top treatment on the market for anti ageing is the PicoWay Resolve Fractional laser. It works by firing ultrashort pulses of laser light into your skin. This stimulates collagen production. The body then starts creating more of its own collagen and the signs of ageing start to diminish. The great thing about this is the body itself does most of the work and so it is a more natural action. Pulse Light Clinic in London are the first clinic in the UK to have this advanced technology. Here is their link