Client at Pulse Light Clinic's before and after getting tattoo removal

April Karr’s Tattoo Removal Review

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April Karr is a client at Pulse Light Clinic and shares her tattoo removal review and journey.

Why are you getting Laser Tattoo Removal?

“I got my tattoos about six or seven years ago in my early 20s and I’m a very impulsive person. I got these tattoos at the time to feel a bit edgy and not being a permanent decision”.

Did you have any questions/worries at your consultation?

“So I was quite concerned and I’ve heard different things in terms of laser tattoo removal with being a black woman and I was concerned about the lasers being able to pick up the pigment properly and just in terms of myths of laser tattoo removal not being able to do that. Rene, my consultant really helped me answer those questions and reassured me that the new technology is really quite advanced”.

How many treatments have you had?

“So far I’ve had six sessions on my tattoo the progress is going really well and Rene gave me a really good idea of how long it will take as well”.

How has the pain been?

“So far in terms of me getting the tattoos, so initially having it done, as opposed to getting them removed I think the pains quite similar to be honest but the benefit of getting them removed is less time it literally takes 10/15 minutes for my medium-sized tattoo”.

Overall experience?

“In terms of my treatment with Rene she’s been absolutely fantastic and in terms of making me feel comfortable, she talked me through each step of the process and was always on hand to answer any of my questions. I’ve had six out of eight treatments so far and I think I’m on track to finish and get it fully removed which is really great and I would absolutely recommend Pulse Light Clinic to anyone else who’s looking for tattoo removal “.

Laser Tattoo Removal Consultation Notes:

Recommended Course:

“Recommended 8 sessions on the florals and the writing on each arm using PicoWay on skin type 5/6”.

Overview of the clients’ treatment plan and results:

“The results have been on track. The floral tattoo was already fading so it went in around 4 sessions but there was some remaining pigment so I used the PicoWay resolve which helped with this”.

What is the recommended aftercare?

“To help with the healing I always recommend drinking lots of water, not only will this help with tattoo removal also in like. Eat well and up vitamins to boost your immune system. Keeping it covered for the first two days and then use vaseline, bio-oil, and hydrocortisone here and there. As the tattoo heals massage coconut oil two times a day as this really helps stimulate healing in the area. I find that all treatments respond better to the immunity of the body, more than the treatment itself”.

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