Beauty Gossip News – 19/11/15


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Looking at body-hair it seems that just no one can decide quite which way to go currently. We all know leg hair is a no and it used to be the same with armpit hair but that seems to be being thrown this way and that right now so we will have to see what happens when the dust settles. Facial hair being neat and styled is a given but is that also the same with pubic hair?

Pubic hair styling seems to be the most changeable one around right now. Some calling for the full natural look. Recently such stars as Jenny McCarthy, Cameron Diaz and Miley Cyrus have been said to have this look. Next but going full swing the other way is the full Brazilian. That is the full bare look! Stars such as Sienna Miller and Jennifer Aniston are going for this one! Then of course you have everything in between with the most popular one of these: the landing strip. Kate Winslet apparently is a fan of this one!

What does seem to be coming out of the general debate that everyone can agree on is the best thing for everyone is having the style they feel most confident in. If hair makes you feel unsexy – then get rid of it! If you are just comfortable with how it is – then let it be! One thing which is definitely on the up and just keeps on getting more popular is if you do want to get rid of any of that hair then Laser hair removal is the best option. If you want a tidy bikini line, landing strip, full Brazilian, your underarms or anything else Laser hair removal is great for all of it and everyone seems to agree.

So this winter ladies it seems the beauty/gossip news is leaving you the choice! What do you prefer?