Beauty Regret


Earlier this year Kim Kardashian revealed her biggest beauty regret, and I think you will be surprised by what it is. If you would guess someone like that’s biggest beauty regret would you think secret Botox, fake tans or but fillers? Well if you did, you are wrong, in fact her biggest beauty regret was the lasering off of her baby hairs on her forehead and neck!

Now she states that she misses them and thinks that they look youthful and in fact it is sometimes said without those baby hairs on the forehead the hairline can become too severe looking.

In fact there is another more important reason to not get into a pickle about lasering those baby hairs. That is because they actually serve a purpose for the body. Those hairs have a range of different functions, a couple of them are to help you retain heat when you are cold and to cool off when you are too hot.

There is a big difference between getting laser treatment on dark, or longer, or thicker hairs than on the thin downy hair that covers your body. If you have been enthusiastically getting behind the trend of becoming hair free make sure you don’t take it too far and become obsessed by all those little ones.

The most logical and needed places for laser hair removal on women are excess hair on the face, the underarms, bikini line and legs. Now of course certain people do have excess hair in other locations and improving your body to improve your appearance and confidence is always a good thing.

Just don’t forget that it is a permanent change and to fully think it through first! That way you won’t be experiencing beauty regret like Kim Kardashian.