Benefits of choosing Picosure tattoo removal


Benefits of choosing PicoSure tattoo removal

Picosure is the latest innovation in tattoo removal, using picosecond technology to remove tattoos in a shorter timespan with better results. But what are the benefits in comparison to Q-switch laser removal?

Why you need to choose PicoSure

Benefits of Picosure tattoo removal include:

  • Much faster removal of most tattoo inks
  • Fewer treatments than traditional lasers
  • Much more effective for blues and greens
  • Much faster laser pulse
  • Much more thorough ink particle destruction
  • Will usually clear even resistant tattoos that have stopped fading in response to other lasers
  • Reduced side effects

How it works

Rather than heating ink particles to the point where they break apart, like in Q-switch laser tattoo removal, Picosure works by delivering incredibly short yet powerful bursts of pulse energy to the tattoo in just trillionths of a second. This creates a photomechanical effect that shatters the ink into tiny particles that can be easily absorbed and eliminated by the body, leaving the surrounding tissue completely undamaged.

This advanced technology means that Picosure can treat even complex tattoos with darker, multi-coloured ink in much less time. Even blue and green ink, which can be particularly stubborn to remove, are removed more easily. Picosure can also be used to get rid of tattoos that have been unsuccessfully treated with traditional lasering methods. No matter what your tattoo removal needs, Picosure has the answer.

Of course, every tattoo is different and contains different amounts and colours of ink. Call in today for a consultation and advice about PicoSure at our clinic, get information about how many treatments you may need, and what to expect from your sessions.

To find out more about the PicoSure laser, please visit this page