Brooke’s Tattoo Removal Journey


Brooke came in with this tattoo. Which she had done to cover up a scar underneath.

This photo is after 2 treatments of PicoWay laser , As you can see the ink started to fade and the skin is in great condition. The treatments are spaced out every 8 weeks to give a chance for the skin to heal and the ink to break down as much as possible

Here after 5 treatments the ink has broken down even more and left a little pigment mark . This will continue to fade over the 8 weeks in between her sessions and with the correct use of aftercare creams

Here is a picture taken right before her 6th session.   There is only a little ink left which we went over with the laser. Most of the ink has faded. Brooke left 12 weeks before this session to allow the pigment of her skin to even out and more ink to break down.

Senior Technician: Mayel