double chin removal before and after

Can Double Chins Go Away?

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Our client, Jessica wanted fat freezing treatment to target the stubborn fat that she had since she was young. The main cause that layer of fat develops underneath your chin can be down to various factors. A double chin is the area of submental fat, which is often related to weight gain, in which case losing weight will reduce its appearance, in some instances, a double chin may be the result of other factors such as genes or ageing. Despite taking steps to help remove a double chin, losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is the best starting point. If a double chin remains, which is Jessica’s case it did, she considered other possibilities.

Treatment plan Pulse Light Clinic recommended:
As Jessica was mainly targeting the area under her chin the best option was to choose the petite applicators that fit that area. After assessing the client’s chin, the practitioner recommended a course of 3 petite applicators. The practitioner started with the two applicators for the first treatment appointment and then recommended 4-6 weeks later, another one in the centre.

How does Coolsculpting fat-freezing work for double chin?
Cryolipolysis is a safe and effective treatment for fat loss without the need for needles or surgery with minimal downtime. The treatment targets fat loss and not weight loss.

Clients feedback:
“I didn’t think that the results were going to be that good, but they really were. I started seeing differences in the first four weeks, even though it takes 12 weeks to see the final results. I would recommend this treatment for any stubborn fat you feel like you can’t shift or genetic. It’s definitely worth it for that!” View the clients’ full testimonials here.