morpheus8 and hifu combination blog post

Can you combine HIFU and Morpheus8?

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HIFU and Morpheus8 are two unique and revolutionary ways of tightening the skin without invasive surgical procedures. They both work well to counteract the signs of ageing. While both treatments have similar objectives, the techniques used do vary.

Ultherapy is a treatment which uses ultrasound technology as an effective method of permeating deeper layers of the skin, particularly around the lower cheeks, jowl, and décolletage. Whereas, Morpheus8 uses a multitude of lasers at varying levels of concentration to tighten the skin and boost the skin’s natural production of collagen whilst evening skin tone and texture.

Morpheus8 can last up to three years, whilst Ultherapy can last around one year. However, it is indeed possible to combine both treatments at varying times, so for instance, you may seek to book an Ultherapy treatment followed by Morpheus8. This allows you to reap the rewards of both treatments simultaneously.

The benefits of combining both of these treatments are that Ultherapy uses ultrasound waves to target different areas of the face and neck, to combat or reduce the signs of ageing while increasing the production of collagen and elastin within the skin. While Morpheus8 uses a multitude of lasers and variable levels of intensity to increase blood flow, and induce collagen and elastin production, leaving the skin tighter, more radiant, and youthful in appearance over an extended period of time.  Similarly, both treatments have the same objectives but use different methods to achieve the intended outcome. They are complementary to one another and work in unison to give you a more youthful appearance by tightening sagging skin around the jawline and face in general.  Boosting the body’s natural collagen production, will in time make the skin appear more volumized, firmer, more youthful, and tightened particularly in difficult areas.

The great thing about combining both treatments is that they are non-invasive. Ultherapy targets specific areas, while Morpheus 8 takes a methodical approach and acts as a catalyst to increase the natural level of collagen within the face along with your skin’s elasticity. So, in essence, you get to improve the firmness and the texture of the skin concurrently.  This can have a significant impact on stubborn areas such as nasolabial creases (the area around the mouth particularly when you smile) restoring your youthful appearance and sense of vitality.