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Can You Shape Your Lips With Filler?

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Dermal lip fillers are known to help create natural enhancements to the lips. Lips come in different shapes and sizes which means some lips can be easier to treat compared to others. There are a few different lip filler techniques that can create a natural and balanced look in harmony with your facial features.
Dermal fillers are most popular with the use of Hyaluronic Acid to gain smoother and fuller lips. The anatomy of the lips consists of different zones. The upper and lower lip had three types of tissue. The white lip is the skin above the lip, the vermillion is the red/pink lips themselves and the vermillion border is the area between the white and red lip. The philtrum tissue is the indented area that runs from the nose to the upper lip.
These are the top 2 lip filler techniques:
The most common method of injectables applies lip filler with a regular needle. The doctor will use a needle to inject the filler horizontally into specific areas usually 1-4 points. This area is then lightly touched to spread the product throughout the area.
This technique has been inspired by the Russian dolls and their styled lips. The doctor will inject the filler vertically by starting at the insides of the lips to keep the volume within the center of the lips and maintain the cupid’s bow to resemble the heart shape. This could mean that more needles are required and may have more of a tingling sensation compared to the traditional technique.
You can speak to the doctor about your goals and how you would like your lips to like and he will discuss the options and techniques that would be most suitable to reach your desired lips. The results for lip fillers can last up to 12 months and would require top-ups after if desired.