Before and after CoolSculpting results for Lower abdomen

Case Study: Fat Reduction For Abdomen

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Our client is a personal trainer that follows a healthy lifestyle and diet looking for fat reduction on her abdomen. Fat cells in this area can be harder to shift due to many factors, and while there is a range of tips and solutions, some may still seem unachievable. CoolSculpting uses fat-freezing technology, Cryolopylsis, to target stubborn fat cells, which ultimately crystalises the fat cells and breaks them down over 12 weeks. After your recommended treatment plan, you can expect to see up to 20-25% fat reduction; clients must note that this is not a weight loss solution.

Treatment plan Pulse Light Clinic recommended:

After the client had her consultation, the practitioner recommended one treatment with two advantage applicators for the lower abdomen as the client had a stubborn fat pocket on that area. After the assessment, the senior practitioner decided that the client did not need four applicators for this area due to the size of the area, and the client was happy with the other body area.

On the treatment day, the applicator was applied to the area for 35 minutes to freeze while the client can relax and watch some Netflix; after the treatment, the practitioner will carry out a 5-minute massage on the area; this helps the fat cells to break down and starts the process to eliminate them.

The before and after results show the client’s results 12 weeks post-treatment, and you can see that the fat reduction in the area of the lower abdomen the area looks flat and more defined. 

Clients feedback:

“I have seen amazing results from the Coolsculpting (fat freezing) on the lower stomach, would 100% recommend it. I was extremely happy with the outcome; it removed a stubborn area of fat I could not lose for years regardless of my exercise routine/diet.”