Before and after rosacea treatment results

Case Study: IPL Rosacea Treatments

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For Rosacea Awareness Month, we spoke to our clients about their journeys with tackling Rosacea, treatments they had tried before, and how they have found their results have improved after specific laser treatments.

Louise found she had pimples, boils, and big red spots on her face that she couldn’t get rid of despite trying numerous methods, from reading rosacea forums, dermatologist recommendations, Chinese medicine, and even meditation.

The senior practitioner recommended Louise a course of 6-8 IPL treatments to help tackle her Rosacea, so the Intense Pulse Light treatment could target the different layers of skin.

You can see her full results and how she found the results from this treatment below.

Our second client Jennifer needed to tackle her Rosacea from the inside and was advised to start with a food intolerance test to determine which foods were triggering her Rosacea, following a course of IPL treatments to target the redness. Jennifer found her skin started turning red after she had children and wanted to get to the route of the problem. Once she had the food intolerance test and eliminated the foods that were triggering her gut, she found that not only did it help with her skin, but it managed to get her ear and throat infections under control.

Jennifer has had one treatment so far but is now happier to leave the house without makeup, which is a big step for her. Over time and throughout treatments, she will continue to gradually see results to help reduce the redness from Rosacea and put it under control. Full video from Jennifer here.