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Case Study: Transgender Laser Hair Removal

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At Pulse Light Clinic we have seen a rise in transgender laser hair removal. Everyone deserves to make decisions about their body and feel comfortable in their own skin. That often means removing body hair. Beauty forms a key part of trans identity, specifically, how trans women see and present themselves to the world on a daily basis.

One of our clients covers her experience with transgender laser hair removal so far and how it has helped her confidence since starting. See the full video below.

Facial hair can often be an ongoing process due to hormones therefore when you come for your consultation the practitioner will ask a few questions about the hair and assess the thickness and colour. This will be able to give them an idea of how many treatments you will require and the length of the process. Laser hair removal on the face is usually required every 4 weeks.

I’m getting laser hair removal because I have excess hair on my face especially the upper lip which has been affecting my confidence. I looked into laser hair removal and heard good things about Pulse Light Clinic. After 4 treatments I have noticed a difference in the hair growth, it’s not as prominent and growing back much finer.

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