Celebs you didn’t know had tattoos

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Celebs you didn’t know had tattoos

Celebrities are among some of the most visible people on the planet; that means their tattoos are, too. But some folks are better at keeping their ink hidden than others – like this little lot.

Amanda Seyfried Has the word ‘minge’ tattooed on her foot to ‘make her laugh’. We have no words.

Brad Pitt We know wife Angelina has tattoos and lots of them, but Brad? Never seen hide nor hair of one, so finding out he has somewhere in the region of nine is somewhat shocking. They’re not small, either.

Helen Mirren Britain’s most badass Dame has a tattoo on her hand that she claims she got to purposely shock people before tattoos became a mainstream thing. It looks like some sort of star or pattern made up of lines, but whatever it is it’s cool by virtue of the hand it’s on.

Sandra Bullock Has a tattoo on her back that has never been seen in public; worthy of inclusion on this list only because we love her so much. Next.

Emma Stone Ems and her mum have matching tattoos that represent their favourite song, ‘Blackbird’ by the Beatles. The tats were designed by Paul MCartney himself…some people have all the luck.

Gwyneth Paltrow In that age-old tradition of permanently marking your body with a lover’s name, Gwynnie has a C on her left hip. C for Chris Martin. Her ex-husband. Will people never learn?

Julia Roberts Has the names of her children around a logo-style design of her husband’s initials on her lower back. Hopefully she doesn’t end up like Gwyneth…

Anne Hathaway Former teen star Anne has a single M on the inside of her left wrist. She’s never told anyone what it means.

Winston Churchill Not actually a celebrity per se, but such a surprise that he just has to be included. Turns out Britain’s most famous prime minister had a tattoo of an anchor on his forearm.

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