Cellulite Reduction with the VellaShape III


Cellulite Reduction with the VellaShape III

One of the newer skin treatments that we offer, that not everyone is aware of, is the all-in-one cellulite and circumference reduction, skin tightening treatment, using the VellaShape III.

For anyone suffering from a flabby tubby or bum (or many other places), this treatment can feel miraculous. After one only one treatment, clinical trials show reports of circumference reduction of between 1-3 centimetres! On top of this it is not a painful treatment, but rather feels like a warm deep tissue massage.

In this video, Aurora one of our senior technicians at Pulse Light Clinic, shows you how the laser works, what a treatment looks like and answers some common question. This allows you to get a better idea of what undertaking this treatment will be like!

For more information, please visit our official, ” cellulite reduction treatments”.