A client 3 days after Co2 treatment and 3 months after co2 treatment for acne scar removal

Case Study: CO2 for Acne Scars

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At Pulse Light Clinic our practitioners and doctors regularly take our client’s skin concerns into consideration so we can invest in new laser technology for the best results. With years of research and development going into technology advancements, we only want the best for our clients. Recently, we have noticed the rise in demand for all-in-one treatments which allow us to target multiple indications. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) laser skin re-surfacing treatment is one of the most advanced skin rejuvenation treatments available and is effective in treating both superficial and deep skin conditions, such as acne scarring, wrinkles, and pigmentation with no needles. Our in-house doctor, Dr Dianni performed a small case study so we could see if the acne scar removal treatment results would be effective for our clients. 

What type of acne scars did the client have?

During the consultation, I noticed a sign of extensive box scars which can look like a round or oval depression or crater in your skin. Secondly, I noticed some rolling scars which appear as indents and make the skin texture look wavy. 

What treatment plan was recommended?

As the client had dermal scarring, this requires deep treatments. There were three options of treatments the client could opt for.

  1. One-off Profound RF (microneedling radiofrequency) treatment: Powerful collagen stimulation, builds new collagen to fill the scars
  2. 3 CO2 laser treatment 4-6 weeks apart: Ablation of old deranged collagen tissue and stimulation of new collagen which will fill the scars
  3. A course of 6 Icon or Picosure laser treatment: Minimal downtime 

Why did you get CO2 laser treatment?

I initially started Dermapen treatments at Pulse Light Clinic to help break through the scar tissues after 3 treatments I saw some impressive results for my scarring and some pigmentation however after speaking to their in-house doctor she recommended the new laser treatment to target scar tissue and encourage collagen production. After doing some research into the acne scar removal treatment and seeing results I went ahead with the CO2 laser to see the end of my acne scars.

What did CO2 laser treatment feel like?

Seeing some videos of the treatment I was worried about the pain but Dr Dianni reassured me that she would apply some numbing cream to help with any discomfort and if I was in pain she could take a break. After the 30 minutes with numbing cream, the treatment started and I couldn’t really feel a thing, it was like pins and needles but in the face. 3/10 for pain.

Following the treatment the first week it felt like I had a sunburn and there was some swelling and redness as you can see in the photos.

What results did you see from 1 treatment?

After the redness and swelling went down during the 1st week I would say my skin definitely felt rejuvenated and smoother even though the scars were still there. Gradually over the 3 months, post 1 treatment I have found my scarring has decreased about 20% since starting which is huge for me to see these results after so many years of struggling with my acne scars and I look forward to seeing full results after the course of treatments.