A breakfast dish with eggs, tomatoes, rocket and bread

Comfort Food Friday: Breakfast

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A study on one poll found nearly a third of Britons say their eating habits have got worse in the last year as they turn to comfort food to get through the pandemic. We spoke to our in-house Nutritionist, Lisa Borg about the alternatives to reach for first thing in the morning.

For a comforting and healthy breakfast I recommend either of the following:
– Whole oat porridge, made with goats milk or coconut milk; add finely chopped apple, sprinkled with almond flakes and cinnamon.

– Spelt sourdough toast with 2-3 fresh organic scrambled eggs (use full-fat organic butter)

Lisas’ go to favourite breakfast dish.
One of my favourite comfort food breakfasts is organic scrambled eggs with wild Alaskansockeye smoked salmon and gluten-free oat crackers (Nairns). I add freshly ground black pepper and a freshly brewed, filtered cup of organic black coffee on the side. This is breakfast heaven for me! It provides protein, fat and carbohydrates in a balanced way that keeps me full for up to 7 hours so I can get on with a productive day because my energy is sustained from the slow digestion and energy release this meal provides.

If you think you have a food intolerance, please contact Lisa Borg.