Spaghetti with Tomato sauce and basil

Comfort Food Friday: Traditional Dishes

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Lisa Borg covers one of the nations addictions, sugar, the effects and her nutritional tips. For anyone with even a slight blood glucose imbalance, carbohydrate craving can be very hard to resist. The one macro food that helps reduce cravings for sugary snacks is fat. If healthy fats are increased while reducing sugar intake, the withdrawal symptoms can be hardly noticeable. The one hack that works well is to snack on nuts and seeds, or an avocado, before reaching for the sweet deserts because that small fat intake can literally kill the sugar craving.

Always choose wholegrains in traditional dishes such as lasagne, pizza, pasta and curries. Examples would be brown rice with curries, sprouted wholegrain pasta and pizza. The one key to keeping it healthy is by keeping the portions in balance; for a pasta dish one should have 75-100 grams of pasta (depending on own body size) with an equal portion of sauce. Courgette can also be shredded length-wise and used as a spaghetti replacement. With all of these dishes, an abundance of vegetables should be added to ensure a nutrient dense meal; they can be either as a side dish or the bulk of the sauce. Legumes can also replace meat in sauces for pasta. It is a good practice to have some of your meals vegetarian but with balance still in mind, and legumes combined with wholegrains do provide the full range of amino acids we require from foods, they have fewer calories and provide fibre which is a fuel for the beneficial bacteria in the gut.