Lentils and legumes

Comfort Food Friday: Winter Tips

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A poor diet results in poor nutritional status and subsequent ill-health; winter is often the most challenging season immune-wise, and this past year has been one of the immense challenges with the Covid-19 pandemic in full swing. I am of the opinion that we would not have seen such a level of hysteria over a coronavirus had the world population been better nourished and therefore more robust immunities and less obesity.

Winter is the period of shorter daylight; I highly recommend making a daily effort to spend at least one hour in natural daylight. Natural light has a powerful influence over the synthesis of neurotransmitters (mood enhancing), sleep and the circadian rhythm, weight management, energy levels, and collagen production. While you may not make vitamin D from the low levels of solar rays we have in the UK during winter (supplement if you need to between December and March), natural light and fresh air are as important as the food we eat.

Some store-cupboard staples you could pick up during your next food show could include lentils, mixed legumes and an array of spices and dried herbs to add to broths; whole oats, flaked and whole nuts and nut butter; cinnamon and vanilla extract for flavourings. To get prepared for the future holidays, search for paleo dessert recipes to make with the children while they’re home from school and ensure you have the right ingredients, some examples might be almond flour, shredded coconut, frozen berries, and stevia extract.