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Testimonial: CoolSculpting For Men

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“I have done a course of Fat Freezing CoolSculpting treatments and the reason I did this is that I work out pretty much every day and I have a very healthy diet. I still have pockets of fat that never quite went away.”

After a CoolSculpting treatment clients will typically begin to see results from 6 weeks with optimal results seen at 12 weeks. This allows time for the body to kill the fat cells and dispose of them through excretion. The before and after results speak for themselves and leave clients often dropping a few cloth sizes and reaching their goals.

The whole environment is pleasant. In the room, there is a TV so they put on the applicator for 30 minutes whilst you relax. At first, it feels a bit like you’ve lifted your shirt up on a cold day which is a bit unpleasant but then I did some reading and work.”

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