Cost of Tattoo Removal

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Cost of Tattoo Removal

Tattooing has been a big industry for a long time now but amazingly enough tattoo removal is now a huge industry in itself. Though at the moment of getting the tattoo you may have been pleased more and more people are coming to regret their choice of tattoo or location or even the execution of it.

Having spent some money on the tattoo itself you are probably not wanting to spend huge amounts on getting it removed. The problem is that the cheaper you get the less likely you are to see results and you also open yourself up for potential scaring from bad products.

Really the only really safe and effective method you should consider for to get your tattoo removed is Laser treatment. There are a few different Lasers out there with the Q switch laser being the standard one. The newest advance is the PicoSure machine which is even more effective.

Proper laser tattoo removal treatment should be done at a professional clinic. The prices at clinics always varies and of course the size of your tattoo is going to be the biggest factor but I have listed the prices at Pulse Light Clinic to give you a good idea of the price at a professional clinic.

The range really is very wide but that fits with the huge range of tattoos out there. These prices are just for single treatments but if you use the Q switch machine you will need between 10-20 treatments. The PicoSure machine needs much less but you should still think with 5-10 treatments.

The cost of tattoo removal:

 Very small £75

 Small £125

 Medium £190

 Large £290

 Very large £430

 Major £560

Most clinics will have package prices whereby it get significantly cheaper per treatment. As there really is no purpose starting the series of treatments and stopping mid-way this is a very good option. On top of that many clinics offer finance plans whereby you pay monthly amounts which really means you can make it affordable to get rid of your tattoo no matter the size and your finances!

Find out further information about the lasers we use at Pulse Light Clinic by visiting this page.