Does being sexy mean being body-hair free?

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Well this is a subject of hot debate and everyone seems to have their own opinions on the subject.  

I think something that everyone can agree upon is that being sexy always relates to your own feeling of confidence and security in your body. If you are feeling embarrassed or self-conscious about any part of your body then you are going to feel far from sexy!

So what common things can make you feel uncomfortable? Usually this is unwanted things on your body such as body hair, stretch marks, spots and other unwanted marks on your skin. In the past you may just have covered up but now there are so many options that you really can take ownership for your body and have it exactly how you want it!

If we look at what options there are for down there (pubic region). There is going au natural and then there is a complete removal of all pubic hair and of course everything in between. You will probably know different girls who get a Brazilian wax, just give it a quick trim and tidy up, do nothing or are mid getting it permanently removed!

As for the rest of the body the fashions change but having hair free legs when on display is definitely the normal and tidying up facial hair with plucking and bleaching and so on is definitely the cultural standard.

One thing to know and avoid though is that in all the effort to create the body you want, different hair removals can have unwanted side effects such as shaving rash, ingrown hairs and even it has now been said that plucking and waxing cause more blood to rush to the area and actually the hair can grow back thicker! This is a vicious cycle and not one that necessarily leads to feeling sexy within your body.

Laser hair removal is an excellent way to get the body that you want! Laser hair removal has no side effects of ingrown hair and right from your first treatments the hair will grow back finer and lighter. Until eventually the hair is permanently gone. Laser hair removal can be done on all parts of the body (apart from too close to the eyes). So decide what you want and what hair you don’t want and go get yourself feeling confident and sexy and get it permanently removed with Laser hair removal!

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