Does Laser Hair Removal work on Darker Skin?

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Does Laser Hair Removal work on Darker Skin?

The excellent and simple answer to the question of laser hair removal working on darker skin is that now it does. Technological advances have brought Laser Hair Removal into the sights of everyone no matter how dark your skin.

In the past if you had darker skin Laser Hair Removal was genuinely something to stay away from. Laser hair removal working on darker skin was constantly something to be aimed for but in the past actually dangerous in that the skin could heat up and leave scarring.

As the technology has advanced and new lasers have come out on the market it has now become possible, laser hair removal working on darker skin is a reality. There are many different lasers out there and most advanced clinics will have multiple lasers on hand.

The NDYag is the best laser for darker skin. This laser penetrates deep into the skin and targets the hair follicle itself and not the pigment in the surrounding tissue. This means that the skin does not heat up and you have a completely safe and effective method for removing unwanted hair.

There is no longer any question about Laser Hair Removal working but rather just how many treatments will be required to achieve the results you want. Every person’s hair and skin is different and the number of treatments required does vary from person to person.

Here at Pulse Light Clinic we have four different lasers, each able to treat different hair and skin types making hair removal work for everyone.