After 1 treatment on Abdomen using CoolSculpting

Dual Coolsculpting Contouring Experience


BREAKING NEWS: Pulse Light Clinic London Introduces Dual Coolsculpting For A More Balanced and Faster Body Contouring Experience  

  • Dual Coolsculpting is performed using two machines concurrently to treat two areas of the body in the same time-frame it takes to treat one area.

Back in the day, the introduction of Coolsculpting complemented Pulse Light Clinic’s extensive range of High-End Aesthetic Treatments. The Clinic’s decision to add Coolsculpting to their range ensued after client requests for non-invasive assistance with excess fat. An overview of what Coolsculpting is and how it works are common questions people have about the treatment, and sadly not everyone is suitable, but it is simple to find out at no cost.

Pulse Light Clinic’s tradition of innovative development and manipulation of a treatment’s parameters, along with intensive and extensive practitioner training, has led to client results beyond expectations. The practitioner know-how in this treatment in different body types and body areas, has made it one of the most popular treatments at Pulse Light Clinic. Today they area ready to deliver Dual Coolsculpting. For the client that means less time in the treatment room with double the benefits.

Pulse Light Clinic originally introduced Coolsculpting to their range after a careful and detailed research into it’s safety and effectiveness. Following client requests for Liposuction, the most popular form of plastic surgery for reducing stubborn fat, but which poses serious health risks, in keeping with the company ethos, they wanted to put safety, minimal side effects, short down-time and excellent results as their priorities in finding a solution to their client’s demands.

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive body-sculpting treatment, scientifically called Cryolipolysis, more commonly referred to as fat-freezing, and is the most researched of all alternatives to Liposuction. A 2014 research paper surveyed all previous research in an attempt to isolate and summarise the benefits. The outcome revealed 86% of subjects experienced a reduction in fat, with many reporting reductions as high as 25% .

During the treatment, fat cells are targeted using an applicator that is suctioned to the specific area and is professionally positioned for maximum results; positioning is key to sculpting the desired effect. The target cells are then reduced in temperature to such a degree that the fat cells literally die, without affecting the surrounding cells. Over the subsequent twelve weeks, the body eliminates these dead cells, and the treatment area is left “sculpted”.

In great contrast to Liposuction, Coolsculpting requires no anaesthetic, no surgery, and to date there have been no fatal complications due to Coolsculpting.  

Popular with the rich and famous (The Kardashian’s, Mariah Carey, Molly Sims, Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan Coolsculpting is now available and affordable for anyone wanting to eliminate stubborn fat. Pulse Light Clinic clients can now half their treatment time with Dual Coolsculpting.

The ideal candidate follows a healthy diet and exercise regime without beneficial results in certain areas (post-pregnancy tummy pouch is a common example). Unique to this industry, Pulse Light Clinic have a Nutritional Therapist on their team who can assist with diet and exercise advice to compliment Coolsculpting where necessary.

Clients can book a free and comprehensive Coolsculpting consultation online at Pulse Light Clinic’s website. The consultation is provided by a fully trained and experienced practitioner to determine suitability, number of cycles required, and cost.