Eat Less or Exercise


Eat Less or Exercise- What is the Best Way to Lose Weight?

There has been a big upswing on selling people that exercise is THE way to lose weight but though exercise is extremely important for a balanced and healthy lifestyle it can be overestimated in terms of weight loss.

The problem is half an hour of some exercise such as jogging or swimming burns about 350 calories…the same amount that you would get from drinking a couple of fizzy drinks or a big piece of cake. It is unfortunately not quite as much as we expect when embarking on an exercise regimen.

If you are finding that you don’t have the time to cook yourself healthy meals and are just grabbing dinner at a fast food place or snacking on crisps or chocolate you are going to be in trouble. Because unless you start working out for hours each and every day you will find you are not burning enough to counter those calories and actually lose weight.

And if you can find the time to exercise then you can surely find the time to cook yourself healthy low calorie meals!

Of course exercise does an excellent job in body shaping as you can have the same amount of fat but if you start to tone it the stomach will start to tuck in or the bum firm up and you will look that much closer to your ideal body shape.

So I think if you are trying to lose weight and thinking you only have time for one or the other or are trying to substitute exercise for eating less or vice versa then you are going to find yourself in trouble, not achieving those goals you have set.

Most people are overweight purely because the calorie intake is so much higher than their daily routine burns. So by all means exercise but don’t forget to cut down on how much you eat – especially those sugary, high calorie foods!

Eat a low calorie diet and embark on some exercise and you will find yourself losing weight and well on the way to having your ideal body.

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