Eliminate tattoo regret with PicoSure

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Eliminate tattoo regret with PicoSure

If you’re currently experiencing severe tattoo regret and can’t even look at the ink you once loved in the mirror, you’re far from the only one. In fact, studies show that as many as one in five tattooed people live to regret their choice of ink. To that end, the number of people choosing to get their tats lasered off has skyrocketed; fortunately, there’s a new technology in town to make the hole process easier.

PicoSure is the latest and greatest way to get rid of a tattoo you no longer want. Making even the Q-switch laser look like old news, it’s the fastest and most effective tattoo removal option on the market.

You’ll need fewer treatments and the time between those sessions will be reduced – tattoo removal has really never been easier, faster or more affordable. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Why tattoos are permanent and how removal works

Tattoos are permanent because the ink particles they’re made up of are simply too big to be absorbed by the body. The process of removing the tattoo is one of making the ink particles smaller – Q switch lasers achieve this by using photothermal energy, primarily heat, to break up the particles. However, this method also affects the surrounding skin and can damage the skin surface leading to pigment loss or scarring.

PicoSure uses mechanical energy in the form of super-short pulses to break up the particles faster and without the need to touch the surrounding skin.

PicoSure is also much better at treating tattoos that Q-switch lasers can’t, such as inkings that are heavy on stubborn blues and greens. The process also has much fewer side effects than straightforward lasering – it really is the only way to get tattoos removed.

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