Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Five Laser Hair Removal Frequently Asked Questions

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Laser hair removal, introduced in the aesthetic industry in the mid-’90s, has undergone a remarkable transformation. Safer machines catering to all skin types are now the norm. Despite these advancements, concerns linger among potential clients. In this comprehensive guide, we address frequent questions to empower you with the knowledge needed for a confident decision on achieving that coveted hair-free skin!

1. How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

The burning question! As the industry booms, clinics sprout up like daisies, each vying for your attention with tempting prices. Since our inception in 2001, we’ve embraced competitive pricing without compromising your skin’s safety. Our practitioners, armed with NVQ level 4 certifications, undergo continuous training. We delve into skin nuances through consultations, tailoring sessions for optimal results. Before laser hair removal treatment, we offer a free patch test to see skin reactions and to adjust the correct settings for the individual needs. This ensures that no session nor time is wasted to modify the settings. Furthermore, we understand the need for affordable treatments and provide a 0% finance option payment plan to spread the cost in 12 monthly payments.

2. What Are the Risks of Laser?

Concerned about lasers wreaking havoc on your precious skin? We get it! The horror stories of burns, pigmentation, and scarring abound. Laser hair removal involves potent machines wielding intense beams of light that selectively destroy the hair follicle. In untrained hands, disaster may strike. Immediate damages like burns or infections, and long-term issues such as pigmentation or hair stimulation in unexpected places, are valid fears.

We mitigate these risks by offering a free patch test in our clinics before carrying out treatment. This involves treating a small skin area to anticipate the skin’s reaction to laser treatment and determine the laser settings. The patch test usually takes place 48h before the session and is offered to new and existing clients.

Clients that have been exposed to the sun on the target areas should avoid laser treatments for six weeks or there is an increased risk of developing pigmentation. In terms of hair stimulation risk, there are many factors that hair can stimulate in an area that never had hair before, but usually, is wrong laser settings due to lack of practitioner knowledge, training and experience. Common side effects following laser hair removal treatment include swelling, redness and skin sensitivity, but they don’t last more than 48h.

3. Can I Have Laser Hair Removal When I Am Pregnant?

The short answer is no. Modern lasers are incredibly safe machines, but there is a lack of studies and evidence on the effect of laser treatment in pregnancies. We follow a strict policy of not offering any treatment during pregnancy. Permanent skin pigmentation is also an increased risk during pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations.

4. Can People With Darker Skin Types Have Laser Hair Removal?

In the past years, darker skin types were not easy to treat due to lasers targeting the pigment to destroy the hair follicle, posing an increased risk of damaging the surrounding tissue in darker skin types. However, the new laser machines, like the ND: Yag we use in our clinics, can target the hair follicle pigment and remove the hair from the root safely without damaging the surrounding skin. Know your laser types, however – IPL, using light energy, is a no-go for darker skin.

5. Should I Trust a Laser Hair Removal Clinic?

Trust is the cornerstone, isn’t it? Choosing a clinic involves scrutinising practitioners’ expertise, results, and training. Reputable clinics flaunt before and after images of laser on their websites. A standardised consultation process, a must-have patch test, laser type verification, online reputation, aftercare procedures, and robust customer support seal the deal.

Trust Checklist:

  • Scrutinise practitioners’ knowledge, experience, and results
  • Seek clinics with before and after showcases
  • Verify consultation processes and patch tests
  • Investigate laser types, online reputation, and aftercare support

Our clinics have treated more than 200,000 people only for laser hair removal; our knowledge of ingrown hairs, hair stimulation, and excessive hair growth due to hormonal problems like PCOS has set us apart from the competition for more than 20 years. Our commitment to continuous learning, innovative processes, and cutting-edge technology underscores our mission – delivering impeccable results while prioritising your skin’s health. Make an informed decision, embrace the journey to hair-free skin, and trust the pioneers in the field by booking your free consultation today!