Foods to Help with your Weight Loss Goals


Losing weight does not have to be all denial and abnegation and even if you are not in the mood for a special natural, low-fat, calorie-free, weight-losing special brownie recipe there are still some things you can do! Try incorporating a few of these foods into your meals and enjoy the taste while knowing you’re doing a little something to help your weight loss along the way.


Yes the simple soup is an excellent method of losing weight because it has a high content of water and therefore helps to fill you up faster so you will find that you eat less in comparison to eating the same foods not in a soup. Soups can be delicious, find or make the right ones and enjoy.


We all know how yummy avocado is and it is hailed for all sorts of health and beauty reasons and weight loss is another one. It is delicious, filling and has a high nutrient content which means you can eat less without denying your body key items it needs.

Full fat yogurt!

Ha – a tricky one! Good news for all of you loving the full fat flavoured yogurts out there. What the companies do when they make it low fat is take out all the flavour along with it…they know we wouldn’t eat it if it’s tasteless and so in fact it is usually replaced with sugar…avoid that and enjoy the filling and delicious full fat yogurt instead.


While you may be focusing on eating less and cutting out snacking all together sometimes this can be more detrimental than helpful because of too long feeling denied of everything and you may find yourself giving up and truly breaking your diet with some chocolate or a cake. Instead snack on fruit, they are sweet and yummy and have a low calorie content. Next time your desperate eat some nice blueberries, nibble some strawberries and I am sure you will feel better.

I hope those little tips can help you out and help you on the way to your ideal body!

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