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How to get prepared for your Tattoo removal

The first thing to look for is a professional clinic with lots of experience. Check out the website, videos and reviews that customers have left. Next make sure they are using the most up to date technology. The most recent development is the PicoSure machine.

This machine can remove your tattoo in 2-6 treatments rather than 8-10 by past machines. Taking all of this into account pick a clinic you will really feel confident in.

Start off with getting a consultation at the clinic. Ask everything that you are wondering, there are never too many questions. The technician will be able to tell you how long a gap between appointments and how many appointments you should need to permanently remove that tattoo.

Factors for these are the colours of the tattoos, how deep the ink is and what part of the body it is on.

Next make sure you book up for the full course of treatments, no point stopping in the middle with a half faded tattoo. Make sure that you also leave the required time between treatments, your practitioner will recommend how many weeks you need before your next appointment. Trying to skimp on this won’t help.

Remember to be prepared for some pain when getting your tattoo removed. This is going to vary depending on your pain threshold but it is normally described as something similar to being pinged with an elastic band. It is recommended that you use some cooling creams or gel on the tattoo following the treatment.

Following your treatment there can be some redness or soreness so pick a time for your appointment when you don’t need to immediately have that area on show or it is going to be rubbed by a particular piece of clothing.

Pretty simple ay- good luck!

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