How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks with Laser


Stretch marks are those unfortunate and frustrating stripes or lines that appear on the surface of the skin, as a result of the skin suddenly stretching, usually from such things as growth spurts, pregnancy or weight gain.

Stretch marks affect both men and women and you may think they are very hard to get rid of, but with a few quick trips to a clinic you can have them fading away in no time!

In these videos, Ms Dawe our Senior Technician at Pulse Light Clinic shows you how laser stretch mark removal works, what to expect and takes you through some appointments with real clients, a new client at a consultation and then a couple undergoing regular treatments.

With two clinics in central London, by Bank and Tottenham Court Road, experienced technicians and the best lasers on the market, laser stretch mark removal at Pulse Light Clinic has never been so easy. Simply get yourself in for a free consultation and patch test, and book yourself in for a short course of treatments and you will be seeing your stretch marks fade away!

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