Laser Tattoo Removal Cover Up

Case Study: Tattoo Removal


Ali Kilinicbay, who is one of our clients at Pulse Light Clinic London explains how getting his tattoo removed gave him a new outlook on life after he had ‘hit rock bottom’.

He stated, “About two and a half years ago I went through a traumatic period in my life, where I lost my closest friend my dog, my ex-relationship everything just crumbled and out of my depressed state”. This was when he decided to get a half sleeve tattoo “The original idea was to have some sort of a battle scene to depict how my mental state was at the time with the constant struggle with life that I was going through.”

Soon after Ali had gotten the tattoo, the tattoo became infected. From this point, he realised he had to get his tattoo removed as it was bringing back unwanted memories. This was the sign that he needed to remove this negativity from his life.

Arm tattoo before tattoo removal example 1Arm after tattoo removal example

He started Laser Tattoo Removal sessions here at Pulse Light Clinic in 2016, “Within a week I could tell that a majority of the ink was lifted and the first session probably removed about 45% of my tattoo alone.” After seeing these results after one session he booked in for the full package and was ready to start his journey towards improving his life, he even changed his lifestyle and got back into his hobbies.

He Said “Pulse Light Clinic gave me the courage to actually want to improve myself it wasn’t about making mistakes and living with them, you’ve got the opportunity to revamp your life and change the past and move and improve for the better. “

After 6 Sessions he has now got the most beautiful cover-up which tells the story of all his positive outlooks in life and how you can hit rock bottom in any aspect of life and find that reason to crawl your way back out and how he changed from a negative mindset to a positive mindset through letting go of his past.

Arm tattoo before tattoo removal example 2