Have you got a hairy bum?

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How to handle hairy bums!

You may have thought that this was just a man problem but you are mistaken! Unfortunately, both men and women can suffer from this problem and clearly, it can be an embarrassing one.

Your whole body is covered with a thin layer of general hair. We all know those tiny inoffensive hairs that don’t bother anyone and are barely noticeable but then there is the thicker darker body hair such as the pubic area and underarms…or for men really anywhere is possible! Well, when you start worrying about a hairy bum it is usually because of these darker hairs showing up and making too much of an appearance!

This problem can refer to hair growing on the but cheeks or around or in the actual anus itself. It could be something that you noticed or didn’t realise until getting a partner and either way knowing you have that hair can be quite uncomfortable.

Our Senior Technician Jo explains the unwanted body hair we can remove with laser hair removal on the intimate body areas.

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