Holiday Essentials

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Holiday Essentials

If you are one of the lucky folk off to warmer climes this summer, be sure to carry your essentials with you. Almost everyone remembers to pack their swimmers, sunscreen, hat and cool cotton clothing but there are a couple of additional items to add to your list.

First of all, if you are living in the UK, you are unlikely to be accustomed to soaring temperatures (and let’s face it, “soaring temperatures” to the British is often considered to be anything over 30 degrees Celcius). Drinking plenty of fluids helps replace those lost through sweating, but not all fluids are created equally. If you are able to purchase Coconut Water at your chosen destination, I highly recommend it for it’s fantastic ability to replace essential electrolytes. A high quality electrolyte solution or tissue salts, may be items you will want to add to your packing list. They can be a life saver for those suffering heat exhaustion and can prevent heat stroke.

Not many people know that changes to your normal dietary routine, foreign water, isotonic sports drinks and increased alcohol consumption can have a devastating effect on your current and future digestive health.

Probiotic supplements are an essential item to pack in your cases. For the adults as well as the children. Buy good quality probiotics from a reputable supplier. For the adults choose one that provides multi-strains of between 10 and 30 billion live organisms. For the children, a multi-strain probiotic providing 2-4 billion live organisms. Each family member should take a probiotic dose everyday for 7 days prior to departure, every morning, as soon as you wake up, maintain over your holiday period and continue for at least 7 days once your return.

Hippocrates was the Father of modern medicine and he stated that all disease begins in the digestive system, so take good care of yours, in your efforts to maintain good health and prevent disease.

Happy Holidays!